Rock Island woman standing up to speeding hopes to be backed by city leaders


A Rock Island woman wants city leaders to take action in the wake of her neighbor being hit and killed by a car in front of her home. 

It’s continuing coverage of a story you’ll only find on Local 4 News.

It started when a 37-year-old Rock Island man was killed near the busy intersection of 46th Avenue and Black Hawk Road on September 30.

Sharon Taylor witnessed the deadly incident in front of her home, and has been determined to make her street safer ever since.

Monday marked more than 20 days of Taylor standing outside her home with a sign asking drivers to slow down. She stands in the same spot each day, which is the spot where the father of three was killed. 

“I plan on staying out here until something is done as far as new signage possibly, just to make people more aware that the speed limit does change from 40 to 30 miles per hour at the top of that small hill.”

No matter the weather, she says she plans on standing there every day for two hours a day until the city replaces her with a permanent sign. 

She says it’s not just about the safety of her neighbors, but hopes it serves as a tribute to the man who lost his life.

“I’m just trying to make them aware of what exactly is happening on my street because people are just going way too fast,” said Taylor. “Thirty miles an hour is the speed limit, but people don’t respect. I know they don’t because I’m out here every day.”

Now she plans to take her concerns to the Rock Island City Council meeting Monday night.

Taylor plans to propose installing some sort of speed limit sign, or reminder to slow down. 

Local 4 News will continue to follow Taylor’s story to see if a more permanent safety measure is a possibility.

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