A St. Ambrose student is warning others about a scam involving an advertisement on vehicles.

Michael Pace of Bettendorf received an email from a group of people claiming to be representatives of Dr. Pepper.

The representatives offered him $500 per week to wrap his car with advertisements for the beverage.

However, he called the Dr. Pepper help line and found out the company didn’t make the offer.

Instead, scammers sent him a check for $2,400 claiming he would have to cash it.

Then he was supposed to keep $500 and send the rest to a car detailing company.

“This is definitely appealing to me or anyone who five hundred dollars, they get a rent’s months free,” Pace said. “This can go far, this can actually impact. This can make someone homeless, I mean, this is really serious.”

Pace said the company probably planned on canceling the check — forcing him to pay the other company money.