Scam alert: Invoices aren’t coming from City of Moline employees


Moline city attorney Maureen Riggs is warning that “a number of emails containing fake invoice attachments have been sent to businesses that deal with City of Moline departments.”

More details were shared in a news release: 

“These emails are not being sent out from the City of Moline email server.

These emails appear to come from actual City of Moline employee email addresses, but in fact are coming from somewhere else outside of the City’s network.  The City of Moline DOES NOT send emails containing Microsoft Word documents as attachments for invoices.  If you have received an email appearing to be an invoice that contains a Microsoft Word document as an attachment, please disregard and delete the email. If you have any questions about this, please contact the City’s IT Manager Don Goff at (309) 524-2293.”

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