‘Scared to death,’ Clinton parents react after lockdown


Clinton police have arrested a 17-year-old boy connected to a stabbing.

He’s charged with a misdemeanor of assault with intent to inflict serous injury.

Officers got called to a home on Lawndale Drive Thursday morning across the street from Clinton Community College. 

Local 4 News was first on the scene

Police notified the college, Clinton High School and Bluff Elementary School to go into lockdown mode while officers investigated.

“When officers arrived a subject said there were shots fired from within the house. We conducted an investigation and determined it was a domestic situation inside the house,” says Captain Joe Raaymaker, lead investigator for Clinton Police. 

Investigators say the victim was treated and released for minor injuries. 

“Scared to death,” says Mary Kaufman, who has a child attending Bluff Elementary School.  

That was her reaction when she got a call from the school district Thursday morning. 

“He’s in second grade so he’s little and it’s scary,” she says.

The school was placed on a precautionary lockdown around 10:45 a.m. 

“There was a possible shooter by the high school and the kids were just locked down,” Kaufman says. 

Amberli King says things seemed hectic as she was trying to figure out what was happening. 

“We got a total of seven different calls,” King says.

“And then we got another one saying other schools were placed on lockdown, as well,” she says.

King says there was a wave of relief knowing the incident wasn’t happening in the same building as her five kids. 

“In the beginning I was like, ‘Oh no, what’s going on and what’s going to happen?’ But then after I found out it was for the community and not pointed right towards the schools I felt better about myself,” King says.

A relief shared by many others. 

“Thank god. I would hate to see any kids get hurt, ever,” Kaufman says. 

She says although this call turned out to be a false alarm, the situation still makes her uneasy. 

“You’ve got to send your kids to school, they have to go. It’s not a thing you can do without. They have to be taught, so you just have to hope and pray they’re all right,” says Kaufman.

“[I] just hope this stops soon. It would be nice to not have to worry about it anymore,” she says.

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