Second car break-in caught on camera by new QC residents


Amanda Marie and her boyfirend have been living in Davenport for less than two months. 

This morning she encoutered a second car break-in — and it was all caught on her surveillance camera.

She tells us you can see a boy running toward the car and then another vehicle pulling up and another boy jumping out. She didn’t expect something like that to happen in her quiet neighborhood.    

“I would assume because this neighborhood is nice and the folks are a little bit elderly they don’t think there is any type of risk envolved in trying to break into their cars,” Marie said. “But there is definitely risk and if they are going to come back they’re not gonna like what’s gonna happen.”

Car thefts has been an on-going issue in the Quad Cities. The latest numbers are from January. Davenport reported  22 cases. Amanda Marie,  who is new to the Davenport area, says  this is her second time encountering the problem in just a week.

“Its very quiet we’re probably the youngest people that live here.” Amanda Marie moved from Florida  with the perception that crime or at least petty crime didn’t happen in this neighborhood.
In just the two months she’s been living in Davenport, she got a quick wake-up call.

“I’ve heard that the cars they steal they just like to take them for joy rides and them dump them,” shares Marie. This morning around 3 a.m Marie caught the suspects red handed with this survaillance footage.

“One kid was running up from this side of the sidewalk towards my car and ran over to the driver side and unlocked my door and got in and the vehicle pulled up behind them and another kid from the back seat jumped out,” she shares, “luckily they didn’t steal my garage door clicker that’s what i was most afraid of.”

She says they took her gym bag which was later found down the street.. But this wasn’t her first go around with this kind of activity. Last week her boyfriend saw a group trying to steal Marie’s car.

“As soon as he saw the enterior lights of my jeep turn on and he heard the car turn on he knew immediately they were trying to steal my car.”

That’s when they installed a camera outside their home and they’re planning on adding more. A neighbor Local 4 News spoke to who did not want to be on camera says in the last six months, they’ve seen at least six car thefts in the area.
Marie is in contact with the Davenport Police Department.

“Like they said this is such a common problem that they’re dealing with they said it’s been an epidemic for the last year.”

She says for now she’s advising her neighbors to up their security and says a little more has to be done to the criminals.

“Its pretty much a revolving door and they’re just in and out within 24 hours and unfortunately they’re just back out there committing the crimes again as soon as they get released.”

The Davenport Police Department say they’ve seen the number of stolen vehicles drop over 30 percent this time last year. They are reminding everyone to lock their vehicle doors and report any kind of suspicious behavior. In terms of increasing punishment– they say that’s out of their reach. 

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