Second crest coming down the Mississippi River

Second Crest Coming on Mississippi River

The Quad Cities needs to get ready for round two.

Even though the Mississippi River has been falling since cresting at 20.7 feet April 8 in Rock Island, it will be on the rise again. 

The National Weather Service is revealing in early projections that the Mississippi River could rise in the Quad Cities to April’s earlier crest if not higher.

A snowstorm last week and heavy rains just a few days ago up north are to blame for the return of high water.

Scott County Emergency Management Agency said they’re holding weekly meetings with entities across the Quad Cities to stay up to date on the flooding. 

The EMA director told Local 4 News this prediction should have homeowners and business owners waiting to tear down their flood protection. 

“The water starts going down, that’s a natural reaction is to try to figure okay, what do I need to do to dispose of the sandbags or whatever. What the message is right now is leave that protection in place because you’re going to need what you had before or you could need to be higher,” said SECC and EMA Director David Donovan.

It’s expected forecast will have a better handle on expectations, but right now it’s a possibility the river could reach 21 feet in Rock Island come late April and early May. 

Friday was the first time since March 31 the river had dropped below 19 feet the NWS told Local 4 News. 

The last time it was below 18 feet, or major flood stage was a week before, nearly 30 days ago. That currently makes this flooding the third longest on record. 

That longevity of the flooding means more concerns when cleaning up.

“For that extended period of time presents additional risks whether it’s contamination. Having that water maybe get to places where it hasn’t in the past where the water comes up and goes back down a little quicker so just be cognizant of that. You know, be cognizant of the foundation of buildings,” said Donovan.

For neighbors along the river, they’re still waiting for some relief. 

Rita Lowrey has lived with her family in Pleasant Valley since 1967.

Lowrey said in the past they haven’t left.

She told Local 4 News she’s been staying with family on dry land but is heading back home Friday and plans to stick it out with water going up.

“Between the creek and right on the river, so I’m going home. I don’t care if it comes back up or not because we can get in and out,” Lowrey said.

She told Local 4 that everything in her house is working and there are neighbors she can rely on for help if she needs it.

What won’t be fun is when the water goes down.

Lowrey said, “It’s going to be just a nasty clean up. The mud is going to be pretty bad.”

Scott County EMA will partner with other area agencies to get out clean drinking water and kits to clean up.

Red Cross will be distributing water and clean-up supplies on Campbell’s Island in Rock Island County on the following dates and times:

April 22 –         Monday           3-6p

April 24 –         Wednesday     3-6p

April 26 –         Friday               3-6p

April 29 –        Monday           3-6p

May 1 –           Wednesday     3-6p

May 3 –           Friday               3-6p

Red Cross in coordination with Scott County Emergency Management will be distributing water and clean-up supplies at the following two locations at the times listed below:

Pleasant Valley Fire Station

24495 Valley Dr.

Bettendorf, Ia. 52722

The City of Davenport Mobile Police Precinct

Utah & South Concord Street

Davenport, IA.

Dates and times for Pleasant Valley and City of Davenport locations:

April 23 –        Tuesday           3-6p

April 25 –         Thursday         3-6p

April 27 –         Saturday          9a-2p

April 30 –         Tuesday           3-6p

May 2 –           Thursday         3-6p

Donovan also said there are other resources and assistance for residents including sandbags and shelter options.

Iowa has also authorized Scott County homeowners to apply for Iowa’s Disaster Assistance Program for grants.

Donovan said the area should also learn soon if it will qualify to be included in Iowa’s FEMA disaster declaration. 

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