It’s called Refuse to Be a Victim. The course includes several classes which explain the signs of a potential threat as well as how to handle confrontations, during this holiday season.

“I know from experience a couple of years ago i did have a very odd situation at a parking lot at the mall. “

Luann Johnson signed up for the course for this very reason, to avoid any confrontation from dangerous people.Especially during this time of year.

“I think women need to know all their safety precautions to take whether in the parking lot, at the work place at home in their automobile. Its a great thing women can learn,” says Johnson.

The seminar tells the students to look out for certain behaviors. And strategies for a backup plan.

But it also offers lessons on  how to safely  and appropriately use a gun, taught by NRA certified instructor Marion LaPointe.

After the seminar and the gun demonstration, Marion takes the students here to practice what they’ve learned to build confidence and to have fun.

“The reaction is like ‘ holy cow.. you know this is like i did it.’ you know. And then pretty soon they don’t hear that noise they don’t feel the recoil and it becomes fun,” says LaPointe.

She says self defense classes should be enjoyable but safety comes first.

“We have classes when you take the permit to carry class that goes over the safety of when to shoot when not to shoot and you need to know the law. “

She’s instructed hundreds of women. Her goal is to make them feel empowered. 

” I’m gonna be there to support you im not gonna let you shoot that gun unless i feel like your confident to shoot that gun and i will be right there,” shares LaPointe. 

She says any part of the course can be crucial for one’s fate.

“Even if they take one thing, that may save their life.”