While the fourth of July is still a few weeks away, the fireworks can already be heard across the Quad Cities.

The staff at King’s Harvest Animal Shelter in Davenport are reminding neighbors to keep your pets in mind during the holiday weekend. 

The loud noises caused by fireworks can cause anxiety in animals, especially in dogs. The shelter says it’s important to be courteous of the pets in your neighborhood. 

Assistant Director of the animal shelter, Rochelle Dougall, says their biggest concern heading into the holiday weekend is the uptick in runaway dogs they see each year. 

“Our recommendation is July fourth it’s the number one day that dogs get out and get loose and running around and getting lost,” said Dougall. “So really the first step is to put a name tag on your dog. There’s disposable ones you can pick up, you can pick them up at Walmart, Dollar General and you just kind of write your number on there and throw it on their collar just for that night.”

Dougall says if you have the time, getting your pet micro chipped before the holiday is the best way to bring your lost pet back home. 

Dougall says when you hear the fireworks, keep a close eye on your pets. 

“If you’re out, even in a fenced area, be outside with your dog, just stay outside with them,” said Dougall. “They can get under, they can get over, just really make sure that you’re monitoring, keeping an eye on them, and get a name tag on them, even if it’s just for the night. Have that number on there for them.”

The shelter says if your pet seems to have extreme anxiety from the noise, you can talk to your vet about different calming remedies and medications to help those nerves. 

But Dougall also says “Thunder Jackets” are the new solution they’re seeing more and more of. It’s a jacket for dogs that serves as a source of comfort and has proven to help handle the loud noises. 

The shelter says even if you don’t have pets of your own, there are different apps for your phone that can help you track the animals in your area, so you can double-check your surroundings before you set off those fireworks. 

And they say you should keep an eye out for lost pet flyers around town that tend to appear after the holiday weekend. 

Dougall says they keep a close eye on the dogs at the shelter too, providing some extra company and thunder jackets for those who need it.