Sherrard parents challenge Attendance Centers


After one parent spoke with Local 4 News on Monday afternoon, more parents are speaking up about proposed changes to Sherrard’s school district.

Superintendent Alan Boucher has proposed shifting the district to Attendance Centers, noting that it would be beneficial financially and help the children academically. 

Under the Attendance Center’s system, specific schools would host certain grade levels. In the preliminary plans, Sherrard Grade School would host the district’s preschool, kindergarten and first grade students. Winola Grade School would house the district’s second, third and fourth grade students. 

According to Superintendent Boucher, there are not enough classrooms to hold all of the students, and re-locating them to Attendance Centers would make it more efficient. He also noted that fewer teachers would be needed, and the district could save up to $98,000 a year under the new system. 

However in Tuesday night’s meeting at Matherville Intermediate, the majority of parents strongly opposed the idea of Attendance Centers, saying the busing system would be a safety hazard for the kids.

Many of the parents agreed the new system would keep their children on the roads longer than they need to be, especially Route 67, which they said was “very dangerous.” Some parents said the new system would mean an extra hour a half each way on the bus for their kids, and other parents noted the transportation system would take away from classroom time or personal time outside of school. 

” I just think that it’s a crazy idea. I think it’s irresponsible, I think it’s unnecessary to put all those children at a safety risk by busing them as far as we’d be busing them on a very dangerous road,” said Cori Dobereiner, a parent in the district. 

During Tuesday’s meeting Superintendent Boucher said he and the committee will take all of the questions and ideas that were proposed, and noted that no official changes have been made yet and they are looking at all of the available options. 

The next public forum will be held this Thursday at 6PM at Sherrard High School. 

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