Silvis teen fights for her life with lupus, heart and kidney failure: How you can help


“My daughter Kaleigh has stage 4 Lupus and she has kidney failure.”

What started out as a blood clot for Kaleigh Weeks.

“We found out last week that she has heart failure and we just got an update from her doctors two days ago that it’s progressing and she’s terminal.”

Has quickly turned into a race against time as she fights for her life.

“Our funds are depleted from going to Chicago doctors.”

A fight her dad Jesse said is emptying their pockets.

“Four months ago we got a letter in the mail saying that she’s child disabled but she’s not adult disabled so they cut all of her money off and her insurance everything,” Weeks said.

But it’s a battle he said they won’t stop fighting.

“They gave us a time on her I don’t want to say, but she’s my best friend I don’t want her to go,” said Weeks.

“Going to dialysis is hard and the whole thing, I just want to go back to before I wasn’t sick,” Kaleigh said.

Which is why they are hoping to raise enough money to get her to St. Jude research hospital in Tennessee.

“Before I got sick I was in sports I used to do track and cheerleading and I don’t get to do that anymore.”

A trip Kaleigh said will give her another chance at life.

“My family is really supportive, my sisters that’s who keeps me going,” she said. “If I was on my own I would’ve gave up awhile ago because it’s so hard.”

To help the Week’s family and donate to their Gofundme click here

You can also go to TBK Bank in Silvis and East Moline to donate in person.

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