Snow days could hurt students’ grades


Learning loss is something people usually only talk about over summer break, but a local expert said it’s becoming a concern this winter. 

Studies show each snow day can have an impact on grades — especially math.

Education consultant Jill Evola Vokt said parents should look to tutoring to keep their student on schedule.

“It is probably going to be your best bet for making up all this lost time,” she said.

A study out of the University of Maryland found winters with above average snowfall hurt students’ test scores by 1 to 2 percent.

Vokt said learning loss in just a day, but it can be reversed.

“When you disrupt the natural sequence of learning something like algebra or geometry and you’re gone for a few days and you weren’t really solid on that lesson that you stopped on …  it just takes a little doubling back,” she said.

Another factor that could be hurting your student is the stress of falling behind.

“Anxiety is one of the deadliest things when it comes to learning,” Vokt said. “If you’re anxious and stressed, you’re not going to learn.”

She said tutors can help your child cope with that stress and work past it. 

You can learn more about Vokt’s tutoring program, Tutor Doctor, here

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