Some crews called off, but family says they won’t stop searching for missing 2-year-old


Recovery crews come up empty after another day of searching the Mississippi River for 2-year-old Hawk Newberry.

Several departments were back in the water Thursday, extending the search from the dock near Schweibert Park to the I-280 bridge. 

The little boy has not been seen since he fell off the dock on Tuesday evening while fishing with his family. 

The search wrapped up around 6p.m. Thursday evening, but the family says they plan to put their own boats in the water and continue those recovery efforts. They say the more the merrier if anyone wants to help. 

“If anybody sees anything, anybody hears of anything, I have a Facebook, I have whatever, just reach out to us, and help us try to find our little cousin,” said the Hawk’s cousin, Seaghan Newberry.  

John Bell, the little boy’s great uncle, says he’s already been conducting his own search since Tuesday evening. 

“We put the boat in there and then we took the boat up river to where the scene was happening,” said Bell.

Bell says they aren’t giving up. 

“If it comes down to it, we’ll search until we do find him,” said  Bell. “If I have to take the boat all the way down to Muscatine, I will find him. One of us will find him.” 

Because they just want this nightmare to end, and to bring Hawk home. 

“Just bring our boy back, try to bring our little boy back,” said Newberry.  

Starting Friday the Illinois Department of Natural Resources is expected to oversee the search. The Rock Island Fire Department says they will likely have a boat on the water each day, and there will be a periodic search going forward. 

A vigil is planned for 7p.m. on Thursday at Schweibert Park, and the family says anyone who wants to join is welcome. 

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