Some students stay behind during National Walkout Day


There’s another story beyond the hundreds of students across the Quad Cities who walked out today.

A lot more stayed behind in class.

Local 4 News went inside Rock Island High School to hear from some who stayed behind. 

A few of the students said they didn’t want to miss class. Others say, they don’t think walkouts are the solution, and decided to voice their opinions by staying indoors. 

Of the roughly 1600 students enrolled at Rock Island High School, the Administration estimated 40 to 50 students participated in the walkout. But Local 4 News observed roughly 70 or more students walked out as the hour went on. 

And while dozens of students did march, there were many others who chose to stay behind. 

At 10am this morning, dozens of students at Rock Island High School poured out into the yard, hopnig to bring an end to gun violence. 

And while some of their classmates rallied outside, others stayed behind. 

“I thought it was kind of ridiculous,” said sophomore Danielle Clark. 

For one hour on Friday the halls of Rock Island High School were quiet. For some, they took the extra hour to catch up on homework.  

 “I fully support the walkout but I had to finish a documentary for my english class,” said Senior Sarah McCullough. “I usually put school first.” 

But for others, it was a silent protest. 

“I decided not to walk out because I believe that we should have our own rights when it comes to guns,” said Clark. 

Sophomore Jessica Bell says chanting outside isn’t the solution.  

“You should probably tell your parents like ‘hey we should start to change something or start getting people to vote for this,'” said Bell.

And says it’s about standing up for your beliefs, not just following the crowd.  

“People were like if this person is doing it I have to do it and I’m like no I don’t want to do it,” said Bell.

And while both say they support their classmates for voicing their opinions, they’d like the same respect from their peers, rather than backlash.  

“I’m glad that people can be supportive of this decision, I’m just not for it,” said Clark. 

“I got quite a bit today they’re just like oh you’re doing the wrong thing today, and you’re just not being very good to our school and not making us look good,” said Bell.

And hope that from behind closed doors, their voices will be heard too.  

“You have your opinion and I have mine, that’s how it’s going to stay about it,” said Bell. 

The Administration at Rock Island High School did send out a letter to parents earlier this week about the walkout. They say while students would not be punished for participating during the designated time, anyone not back inside at 11a.m. would receive a detention.  

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