A Quad Cities couple says they feel beyond blessed after a scary accident a few weeks ago.
Wesley Thomas-Hendley says these past couple weeks have been the hardest weeks of his life. Hendley was flown to Iowa City after a diving accident. Doctors told him he may never walk again.
Thomas-Hendley says,
“I couldn’t move my arms, I couldn’t move my legs and I was just like drowning.”
Earlier this month, Wesley’s life took a dramatic turn. Wesley was swimming with family at Buffalo Beach. he dove headfirst into the water hitting his head on a rock that he did not see. Wesley broke his neck and badly damaged his spinal cord.
His fiance who was 38 week pregnant saved his life, “I was like, what’s wrong with you? what’s wrong with you?” says Brittany Jorgensen. 
Wesley says while being rescued, he was thinking about one thing.
“I knew that My finance’s due date was like two weeks away the only thing going, going through my head was… my life is over,” says Thomas-Hendley.
Wesley was rushed to the hospital, then later flown to Iowa City. Through weeks of physical therapy at Genesis West in Davenport, he now has enough strength to stand on his own and walk a few steps, something he never thought he was going to do again.
Friday, his fiance Brittany went into labor at Genesis East. Doctors made a special exception for him to be moved to the hospital so he could be with Brittany and see their baby’s delivery. 
“When he got here I was like oh thank god! but then my water broke and my contractions got super bad. He showed up at the perfect time,” says Jorgensen.
Thomas Hendley says, “It was truly the most amazing things that I got to experience, be a part of and I’m grateful that I’m a daddy.” 
While it has been a rough couple of weeks, the couple says this day was one of the best days of their lives.
Jorgensen says, “I’m just glad he’s okay now. I don’t know what I’d do with out him.”
Wesley says when he builds up the strength to walk on his own again, he plans to take his family to Sunset Marina and go for a nice long walk.