Saint Ambrose university’s plan to expand its nursing program by offering online degrees could be a way to address the nursing shortage.

The university will launch the program in the fall of 2023 and will offer flexible remote learning opportunities for working healthcare professionals.

St. Ambrose professor Lynn Kilburg Ph.D. is optimistic it can make a dent in the nursing shortage. “This online school of nursing will be an important contribution to the overall nursing programs we have available at St. Ambrose. The workforce shortage in nursing is indicating that we have a growing demand for nurses, but students aren’t entering the profession at the rate that they had before,” she said.

She also feels that online nursing school will become a trend that reaches other universities.

“An online trend in communication is an important one that many universities are paying attention to. Many students have the desire to advance their education, but being close to a university or having time to take away from work makes that difficult. So online education and being able to use the technology of today really offers us a lot of opportunities and exciting ways that we can help people learn more and do more within their communities,” she said.

The online program will offer online certifications for licensed practical nurses and registered nurses to get a bachelor’s in nursing.