DES MOINES, Iowa (KCAU) — More than 40 cats and kittens were rescued Wednesday from a northern Iowa home, an animal rescue said.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) stated that it received a report of a family struggling to care for many sick cats and kittens. When the ARL’s Mobile Rescue Team entered the home, the release said the team was “hit with ammonia so strong, it burned their eyes and throats.” They also noted that the floor was covered in feces.

Courtesy Animal Rescue League of Iowa

After a two-hour drive back to ARL’s Des Moines location, the medical team started to examine the cats, finding the kittens in the most critical state. The ARL said that many kittens were thin, had eyes matted shut from infection, and sneezing constantly due to upper respiratory infections. The ARL also said that all the felines had fleas and ear mites, noting that the amount of pests could be dangerous to small kittens.

One small female kitten’s condition is causing worry for the medical staff, saying that it is very thin and sick with veterinarians keeping a close eye on her.

The ARL stated that the organization is already dealing with a high populoation of animals before the rescue of the 46 cats and kittens. The are asking for donations, which can be made by clicking here.

Human services is involved to help the people in the home, according to the ARL. ARL officials told KCAU 9 that more details on the location of the home haven’t been provided due to the delicate nature of the situation and as not to dissuade others from asking for help.