SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — While Senator Darren Bailey has fallen behind in Chicago and its suburbs, he has a slight lead over J.B. Pritzker in areas of Illinois outside of Chicago.

According to a Nexstar Illinois/The Hill/Emerson College Polling poll released Wednesday, 45.2% percent of people said they would vote for the Republican state senator compared to 42.6% for the current governor.

However, in favorability, only 40.9% of respondents said they found Bailey “very or somewhat favorable”, compared to 48.6% who said the same about Pritzker.

In issues that mattered to voters, people outside of the Chicago area cared even more about the economy. 43.4% of respondents outside of the Chicago area said that was their number one concern heading into a voting booth versus 35.3% for all Illinoisans.

In national politics, 50% of all Illinoisans outside of Chicago said they’d vote for former president Donald Trump if he ran against President Joe Biden today. 41.1% said they’d vote for Biden.  

Voters outside of Chicago are less receptive to the idea of funding abortion services for people travelling from out of state and statewide assault weapon bans. 

Chicago and its suburbs make up more than half of Illinois’ population.