CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A student at Centennial High School was arrested on Thursday after a gun was discovered in their backpack.

In a letter to Centennial parents, the Champaign School District said the school’s Evolv System detected a metal object in a backpack as students were arriving. Security staff and school administrators checked the bag and found the gun, which was immediately confiscated. The Champaign Police Department was notified; officers subsequently interviewed and arrested the student.

The district said that, because the Evolv System worked as it should have, the student did not get past the entryway with the gun. There was no need for a lockdown and the school is operating on its normal schedule.

“Unit 4 Schools is taking this matter seriously and it will be addressed in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct,” the district added in its email. “The safety and security of every student and staff member is a high priority. We will continue to work with our families, law enforcement and our community to ensure safe learning environments.”