KEOKUK COUNTY, Iowa — Four horses, two of whom were severely emaciated, were rescued by the Animal Rescue League of Iowa on Monday.

The ARL was contacted by the Keokuk County Sheriff’s Office to assist in the rescue of four horses. When rescue crews arrived on scene they found two of the four horses looked like they were just skin and bones, the ARL said.

One of the emaciated horses, Salty, a mare, collapsed during the transportation back to Des Moines, the ARL said. Salty was taken to the veterinary hospital at Iowa State University for emergency round-the-clock care. It is unknown how long she’ll need care and if she will survive, the ARL said.

Betty was found not only emaciated but also blind, with a condition that caused her eyes to become red and inflamed, the ARL said. Betty is at the ARL’s Second Chance Ranch and is on a special refeeding diet to safely regain weight.

According to the ARL all of the horses are under socialized and will need behavioral rehabilitation.