U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley has been complaining about the History Channel since at least 2012.

A thread decicated to his complaints on Twitter includes more than 20 from 2012-2019.

Well after a decade, the History Channel finally responded.

Many who replied thought the History Channel was referencing Grassley’s announcement that he would be presiding over the certification of the 2020 election instead of Vice President Mike Pence on January 6.

The question has been asked before.

But ultimately, they were wrong.

It ended up being a stunt, but a historical one, as the two had partnered to tell the story of Korean War Veteran Bill Rector of Denver, Iowa.

The duo even tried a newer feature on the social media platform: A shared tweet.

Perhaps the (mostly one-sided) Twitter beef is finally over.

But let’s not leave you without a bit more history. Here’s a fun fact unearthed in the exchange: Grassley was born when Iowa was 87 years old, so at 89 he’s been in the state for more than half of its 176 years of existence.