DALLAS COUNTY, Iowa — A Dallas County Sheriff’s deputy is lucky to be alive after an SUV ran into him on Interstate 80 this weekend. While Deputy Brandon Bjoin survived, first responders hope people remember to slow down and move over for them before someone is killed.

Iowa’s Move Over Law states you need to give a lane of room between yourself and any stopped emergency vehicles with flashing lights. That includes police cars, fire trucks, tow trucks, and construction crews.

Bjoin escaped with just a bruised arm, but the footage of the crash from his bodycam and dashcam resonated with the law enforcement community

Capt. Ryan Evans of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said it reminded him of the fears first responders face on the side of the road.

“It is a very nerve-racking and distracting thing,” Evans said. “You’re thinking, ‘Man, that car is really coming fast and they’re not moving’ while I’m trying to deal with what’s in my vehicle.”

Evans hopes more drivers pay attention to the Move Over Law and give first responders space.

“I’ve experienced several times where I’m walking back to my car and the cars are there,” Evans said. “You try to wave at them to get their attention and tell them to move over. It doesn’t usually work.”

Drivers face a $135 fine if they are in a lane next to a stopped emergency vehicle. If drivers crash, they face a three-month suspension of their driver’s license. If a driver crashes and causes an injury, they face a six-month suspension of their driver’s license and a $500 fine.