SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) announced that their public evidentiary hearing on Summit Carbon Solutionsproposed carbon capture pipeline concluded on Wednesday evening, November 8, in Fort Dodge.

Summit Carbon is seeking a permit to build, operate, and maintain 687 miles of its pipeline through 29 Iowa counties. They’re requesting the right to use eminent domain for about 900 parcels in the proposed route. The company says that, so far, 75 percent of “impacted landowners” in the state have signed voluntary easements.

The hearing spanned for eight weeks in Fort Dodge. Over that time period, the IUB heard from dozens of scheduled witnesses and more than 100 landowners who chose to testify.

“We appreciate all those who sacrificed time, resources, and effort in participating in what the Board believes has been its most open and transparent hearing process,” IUB Chair Erik Helland said.

The state’s utilities board will begin to deliberate on the permit application once both parties’ briefs are filed. There is no deadline for the board to issue its final decision.

In North Dakota, the project was denied by the North Dakota Public Service Commission early in August, but Summit Carbon Solutions submitted a revised application later that month.

Another carbon dioxide pipeline that would go through Siouxland by Navigator CO2 was canceled, the company announced in late October.