STORY COUNTY, Iowa — A school board member in the Roland-Story Community School District has resigned, citing in part, the handling of an assault case against a champion high school wrestler.

At Monday night’s school board meeting, Jasmine Goeders resigned. In a statement read at the meeting, Goeders expressed her disappointment with the current district leadership and said it kept the board uninformed.

“With regard to issues of sexual assault and bullying the majority of the board was uninformed and blindsided by the publication of news media rather than being informed by current leadership and being given an opportunity to contribute in how we would have liked to have been prepared to reaction of said media,” said Goeders.

The case in question involves 17-year-old Kade Bloom, a two-time state wrestling champion. He was charged as an adult in November with Assault-Penetration. The Story County Sheriff’s Office said in early 2022 Blume allegedly stripped the victim’s clothes off and violated them with a pencil. A plea deal in the case was recently reached moving the case to juvenile court in exchange for a guilty plea to the charge by Blume.

A second teen was charged in connection with the incident but was not named by authorities because the case is being handled in juvenile court.

During Goeders’ statement at Monday’s meeting, she also took to task fellow board members.

“I feel embarrassed and disappointed by my fellow board members seeming unwillingness to actively listen and address concerns being brought to our attention. I feel helpless to make improvements because I am met with excuses or a lack of shared information when I have raised concerns as a board member,” said Goeders.

Goeders said she’d lost faith in the district’s current leadership to appropriately support the safety and well-being of students and employees.

During a November school board meeting, Goeders was the only board member to speak during the board’s discussion about the alleged assault. At the time, she said the board was taking the matter seriously.

Goeders resignation from the board is effective immediately.

A Facebook post from Roland-Story Wrestling originally said Blume finished first in his weight class at the Saydel Invite, a tournament held this past weekend. That post has since been edited to remove mention of Blume.