Editor’s note: This story has been updated to clarify the choice of top restaurant in each state was made by Mashed.com’s editorial team.

Of all the restaurants in Iowa, one really captured Guy Fieri’s heart.

Known for his spiked hair and sunglasses, many food lovers have put their trust in Guy Fieri’s opinions when it comes to learning about the best diners, drive-ins and dive bars to indulge in a good meal.

Fieri is no stranger to good food and has the expertise to prove it. It is estimated that Fieri visited over 1,250 restaurants on his popular Food Network television show “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” that filmed nearly 40 seasons and focused on finding the best local food spots in various areas of the country.

After reviewing thousands of restaurants, Mashed, a food news and recipe site, went across the map and compiled a list of their favorite food destinations Fieri visited for his show.

According to Mashed, Fieri’s favorite place to eat in Iowa is Flying Mango in Des Moines.

Located just outside downtown, the restaurant serves up Caribbean-inspired, Southern-style barbecue, with the smoked catfish cakes being praised by Fieri.

Flying Mango is open Wednesday-Saturday evenings at 4345 Hickman Road in Des Moines.

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