There is an Enhanced Risk for severe weather today over much of Southeast Iowa. The level 3 of 5 risk threshold is for large to very large, destructive hail and the possibility of strong tornadoes with long-lived supercell thunderstorms, according to the Storm Prediction Center.

Storms will likely form this afternoon near Des Moines, with a start time likely around 4 to 5 PM. Thunderstorms could be severe almost immediately when they form along I-35, and will quickly move into an even more favorable environment to the southeast.

Thunderstorms that trained across southern and southeast Iowa last night have left behind outflow boundaries (pockets of rain cooled air) that can aid in creating spin for thunderstorms that move into or along the boundaries, so that area is of particular concern this evening.

While the severe threat should end earlier in Central Iowa, severe storms are possible in Southeast Iowa through at least 10 PM, with the potential for storms to continue to bubble and extend a heavy rain threat into the night.

Be sure to stay tuned to WHO13 Weather if you live in these areas this afternoon and evening and keep your 13WarnMe app handy to get warnings directly to your phone. If you have outdoor plans, be sure you can receive warnings, and head inside if skies darken or you hear thunder as conditions may change quite rapidly.