SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Did you know that there are millions of dollars in unclaimed money in the state of Iowa, and some of it could belong to you? Don’t worry, the Iowa State Treasurer’s Office wants to give it back to you! 

The Iowa Great Treasure Hunt is an annual initiative by the treasury intended to return money back to their owners. Even Woodbury residents have a significant amount of unclaimed funds.  

“In 2022, more than $1.4 million was reported to the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt for Woodbury County residents,” said State Treasurer Joby Smith, “Meaning you or someone you know could have money waiting to be claimed.” 

According to a release from the Treasurer’s office, officials will be announced on February 1 the names of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits in Iowa who had unclaimed property reported to the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt in 2022.  

Iowans find out if they have any unclaimed property by visiting the Great Treasure Hunt website. Types of property that can be claimed include but are not limited to forgotten checking and savings accounts, uncashed checks, lost socks, life insurance policies, utility security deposits, and contents from abandoned safe deposit boxes.  

The release clarified that when businesses and other entities cannot find the rightful owner of the property, it is released to the Treasury for safekeeping. The treasure hunt works to find the owners or the heirs of those assets so they can reclaim their property.  

“Even if you’ve checked for your name in the past, I encourage you to check our website again,” said Smith, “You never know what might be waiting for you or someone you know!”  

The treasure hunt can also be followed via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.