Iowans report ‘second shot’ side effects from COVID-19 vaccine

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Nearly 200,000 Iowans have already received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Millions of other Iowans are still waiting for their opportunity to be vaccinated. A local physician says those waiting for their shots should be prepared for possible side effects that could come with it.

“We know that those side effects usually hit the next day. And so if you have a fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, joint aches, you’re just achy all over,” says Dr. Stephen Rinderknecht, a member of the UnityPoint Health Steering Committee for COVID-19 Vaccine. Rinderknecht says those side effects are more likely to occur after your second shot. He says the first shot is more of a “primer” for your immune system, followed weeks later by a second dose with a “higher immune response”.

WHO 13 Facebook fans who’ve been vaccinated reported a variety of side effects from getting their shots. Some reported fevers, chills and body aches that Dr. Rinderknecht says are expected. Others reported having no symptoms at all or just soreness at the injection site. Dr. Rinderknecht says that younger people have higher incidence and severity of side effects. Those age 55 and older report milder effects.

The recent emergence of a new variant of the coronavirus in Iowa should make more Iowans seek out the vaccine, says Dr. Rinderknecht. The current vaccine is proven effective against the new variant. The more people are vaccinated, the fewer cases of coronavirus there will be and the fewer chances of future mutation there will be – according to Dr. Rinderknecht.

Along with getting vaccinated, he encourages continued mask wearing and social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus.

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