Over 125 new laws are set to take effect in Iowa beginning July 1, the start of the new fiscal year in the state. These new laws affect juvenile justice, renewable energy, travel insurance and bronchodilators in schools, among other issues. The state legislature passed 150 new laws during their most recent session.

Some of the laws are more administrative in nature, such as HF2217, which relates to financial reporting by insurance holding company systems, and HF2330, which allows for electronic delivery of some insurance notices and documents. Other new laws refer to hunting, such as SF2334, which outlines the shotguns that may be used to hunt turkeys, and HF2209, which covers minors under the age of 16 accompanying adults who are hunting or trapping.

Other new laws affect employment and insurance. HF2355 declares that the maximum total amount of benefits payable to an eligible individual during a benefit year shall not exceed the total of the wage credits in the individual’s account during that person’s base period, or sixteen times the person’s weekly benefit amount, whichever is less. HF2300 states that any member of the National Guard or Reserves who is a full time student under age 25 and called to active duty shall be considered to be continuously insured under a group policy for the purpose of returning to insured dependent status as a full time student under the age of 25.

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