SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A bill proposed in the Iowa House would expand the number of children one staff member is allowed to supervise in a child care center.

Iowa House Study Bill 511 would allow one worker to watch up to eight 2-year-olds or 10 3-year-olds.

Sean Murren started working at the Native American Child Care Center in Sioux City a few weeks ago to help family members who also work at the center. He said child care is no easy task.

“This takes your energy out of you during the day,” Murren said. “I go home tired. Everybody goes home tired, but it’s a great job though.

Erika Berg is a teacher at the Native American Child Care Center. She said the increased workload would be manageable for experienced employees, but they would offer additional guidance to prepare new workers

“The newcomers, the ones just getting a degree, it would probably be kind of difficult for them but that would be where we put more training in place and then hopefully that would help them understand the field and how to deal with certain situations being in a classroom,” Berg said.

The center has 30 kids enrolled, but the new bill could allow them to take in more which Berg said would help boost funding.

“The last couple years with Covid has actually brought our funding down a lot, so we’re striving a little bit here,” Berg said. “Especially as an independent preschool, we have to find our own funding and it’s just kind of hard because funding is hard to find right now.”