Rough ride: Des Moines residents take bumpy shortcut around detour

State News

DES MOINES, Iowa – Another closure of the E. 30th Street viaduct in Des Moines is leaving residents on the south and east sides of town with a choice: take the long way around or take the short cut – and all the bumps that come along with it.

The E. 30th viaduct connects the Fairgrounds neighborhood to the south side of town by crossing dozens of train tracks. Signs on East 30th direct traffic west to eventually head south on SE 14th. Many drivers choose to save a mile or so and avoid some lights by crossing the undeniably rough crossing on SE 18th.

The route to the east is Dean Ave to East 34th then south to Laurel Hill Road, east to SE 36th then south across the tracks then west on Scott Ave. back to SE 30th.

Work on East 30th will be wrapped up, at least enough to allow traffic, before the State Fair in August. Until then drivers will have to choose a route carefully.

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