DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa lawmakers head back to the Statehouse in just a few days and it looks like tax cuts are one of the things at the top of their agenda.

Republican lawmakers said they want to lower individual income tax, but Democrats have concerns over how the cuts will be paid for.

Republicans say the cuts will target individual taxpayers, not corporations, and make sure the state will still be able to fund things that are important to Iowans like public safety and education.

WHO 13’s Political Director, Dave Price said because of the state’s large budget surplus due to COVID-19 relief funds and extra tax revenue from stimulus checks, lowering taxes has been a topic of discussion for a while.

“There was a lot of money sitting there and Republicans for a while have been eyeing the bank account wondering how we can lower taxes and in the end, they want to have no state income tax at all, no personal income tax at all. They don’t think they can probably come up with a plan to get there this year, but they really want to work in that direction,” said Price.

Another major thing the legislature plans on discussing is education. More particularly what books are allowed in schools and allowing parents to weigh in more on what their kids are learning.