Who will be mayor of an Iowa city with no one running?

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MILFORD, Iowa (KCAU) — Some Election Day drama happened at the Gateway to Iowa’s Great Lakes Tuesday with the race for the city’s next mayor coming down to a write-in vote.

“Yeah, I would take it for one more term and we’ve got quite a few things going on and I can help continue those moving forward, not that the council can’t do that, the council that we’ve got,” said current mayor Steve Anderson.

Anderson has served as Milford’s mayor for four years, or two terms, and told the community he’d be stepping down and not running for re-election this year, but when nobody else put their name in the hat to run, it forced Milford to hold a write-in vote Tuesday. It also forced Anderson to decide if he’d serve his community once more.

After all votes are submitted in Milford, they will be sent to the Dickinson County Courthouse where the auditor’s office says at least 5% or 10% of the votes need to be of an actual resident who lives in Milford. By noon Tuesday, there were more than 90 votes submitted so the city will have to hope that a majority of people wrote in actual citizens and not what the auditor calls “Mickey Mouse votes.” Anderson talked about being in the middle of an unprecedented situation for the town.

“And I’ve heard a lot of people, gotten a lot of texts this morning saying ‘Hey, just letting you know I wrote you in’ so we’ll see how it goes. You know, I’ve never been through this process before,” said Anderson.

If Anderson is chosen again by the community, he says he’d like to make changes so that he and others won’t be put in a similar position in the future.

“One of the things I’d like to do though if I do get re-elected is try to figure out a way of putting some type of term limit on the council and the mayor’s positions and get it so we can take it as a vote to the public so that it’s not a council’s decision to change that rule in the future,” said Anderson.

The Dickinson County Auditor’s Office said, out of 106 write-in ballots, Anderson was written in on 83 of them, being the unofficial winner for Milford mayor.

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