Stolen gun found in North student's locker

A stolen gun was found in a Davenport North student's locker on Wednesday.

A Davenport Police Officer working at the high school was investigating a disturbance around 1:54 p.m. During the course of the investigation, school security searched a student’s locker and found a gun.

The gun was later found to have been reported stolen.

As a result of the investigation, a 16-year-old student was charged with trafficking in stolen weapons and carrying weapons on school grounds.

It wasn't the only school officers responded to. There were incidents at Wood Intermediate earlier in the week. 

Davenport Police told Local Four News, Tuesday there was a shooting threat made but it was unsubstantiated and not deemed credible. 

There was also a fight between two students. They were both charged and disciplined by the school.

There was also a disturbance at the school on Wednesday.

Elliott Rivera has granddaughters at both schools. He told Local Four News, when he heard about these incidents, his first thought was fear. 

"I understand that that weapon was found in a locker and it wasn't really used to threaten anyone but just the fact that it was brought in and put there, that's not a good feeling," said Rivera. 

Part of the concern comes with all the incidents that he sees happening across the country.

Rivera said, "Fearful because lately all of those incidents, everything that has been happening. The shootings in Pittsburg and the pipe bomb threats and all of this."

* How does the school district work with the Davenport Police Department in these situations?

The district has a Security Resource Officer (SRO) at each high school and a half-time SRO at each intermediate school. The SROs are trained Davenport Police Officers who have a specific focus of working in schools. They, along with our Campus Security Specialists, as well as administrators and staff, are available to students to share their concerns about things they hear and see in their school. Our district administrators and staff cooperate fully with our police department during the course of any investigation. This means that sometimes the school district cannot release certain information until the police have completed their investigation.

The Davenport Community School District is proud of the quick response by the police officer on site, as well as the administration, and staff at North High School. We are also exceptionally proud of our student response. The message to those in our schools and in our community has been in conjunction with the Davenport Police Department’s “If you see something, say something.” The message worked.


* What more can be done?

Our district has dedicated funds to increase the levels of security in all of our buildings. These efforts took on an even greater sense of urgency over the last 7 years. We have secure entrances at our buildings, increased the number of security cameras in our schools, instituted age-appropriate A.L.I.C.E. training/drills district-wide. There are others actions we’ve taken and do not elaborate on because it is not considered prudent to give specific information to those who might wish to cause harm.

Our SROs, Campus Security Supervisors, and more recently our district Security Specialist are working with students to develop positive relationships to enable us to be as proactive as possible in dealing with situations in our schools. We are working to add Campus Security Supervisors at each of our schools and most of those positions have been filled. They will receive ongoing training and


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