A 5th grade student from Lourdes Catholic School in Bettendorf will be missing a few days of class this week after being selected to attend the 58th presidential inauguration.

Adam Nikulski will spend the next five days at the Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. This is a program put on by Envision Career and Leadership Programs. Local 4 caught up with Adam and his family at the Quad City International Airport before his flight left Wednesday morning. 

Adam was nominated by his principal, Jennifer Alongi, for a STEM leadership forum last summer. After attending that program, Adam received an invitation to the presidential inauguration summit. 

“When we first got the invitation Adam was a little unsure,” said Adam’s father Brian Nikulski.  “But his older brother, Mitch, has helped persuade him, along with Gail and I, that it was such a unique opportunity and we were all jealous and wish we could go,  It’ll be fun, it’ll be fun for him.”

Adam’s favorite subject is science, and he loves to build things. His parents say he spends a lot of time in his grandfather’s shop, and he is always creating or building something. He also participated in a robotics team.

“He’s the type of kid who likes to learn in the STEM field,” said his mother, Gail Nikulski. Gail is accompanying Adam on the trip across the country. 

“He wants to know how everything is built, how everything is made, why why why,” said Brian. “He’s just so inquisitive and fascinated with the world around him.”

“He’s a polite young man he’s intelligent so caring towards others and a good listener,” said Alongi. “He’s curious and he asks questions and he likes to go deep in his learning. I saw all those qualities in him and thought he would be a good nominee.”
There will be 2,500 students from 30 different counties and all 50 states in this program. It includes coursework, speakers, breakout sessions, and a gala. Adam knows he is in for a big experience.
“I’m excited about having the chance to learn new people, having the feeling to be on your own, and having skills to learn other things,” said Adam.
Adam assured Local 4 that he packed his GoPro, and will be documenting the entire trip,
“We were just excited that that we’re going to have one of our students there,” said Alongi.  “And hope that he will be able to come back and give us some stories about everything that he saw and and being a witness to this historical event.”
Now, it is just excitement.
“Watching him get more excited about the experience is really what, as parents, make us feel really good,” said Brian.
“I’m really excited,” said Adam. “I hope it will be fun.”