The University of Iowa campus had a much more somber feeling than a typical welcome weekend.

That’s because students were just learning about the death of their classmate, Mollie Tibbetts.

Mollie’s body was found in a cornfield near her hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa. 

She was reported missing for over a month before the discovery Tuesday.

While on campus, Local 4 News reached out to over 30 students at the University of Iowa, however most decided not to comment.

However, some students told Local 4 that they knew people who were not going to class so they could mourn their loss.

For some students, her discovery came as a shock.

Zachary Hess, a sophomore at Iowa was surprised how quickly Mollie had been found.

“I can’t believe they found her as early as they did, that blows my mind honestly, I would have thought for sure this would have tailed on or, there were Facebook pages started about her saying she was fine, where she was, so I thought that she could have been still out there, it’s kind of a closure.”

A student organized vigil is scheduled for tonight at 7 PM at Hubbard Park in Iowa City.