Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was greeted by supporters– and hecklers in the Quad Cities Tuesday night. 

“Be nice. This is not a Trump rally,” Biden said on stage after an anti-abortion protester interrupted. 

He questioned Biden about his stance on abortion and the Hyde Amendment.

It blocks clinics from using Medicaid funds to pay for abortions. 

Biden supported it at first but now says he wants to repeal that ban. 

It’s one of several issues Biden talked about during tonight’s event at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport. 

He launched into attack mode when he took the stage, blasting President Trump’s trade war with China, saying the President doesn’t care about how it’s impacting Iowa farmers.

Biden also said the effects of climate change are real and says flooding in the Quad Cities is one of them.

He called it’s economic impact “historic.” 

For the most part, Biden ran on the “Obama-Biden” campaign, saying he’s proud of the work he did with the former president and that is the kind of presidency he’d like to simulate. 

“We have to clearly and fully reject, for our own safety’s sake, [Trump’s] view of the presidency. Quote, ‘I have complete power.’ No you don’t, Donald Trump!” Biden said.

Voters we spoke with say he hit all the key points with them and ranks at the top of their candidate list.

“I want to keep healthcare in place. [Biden is] mimicking a lot of things that I voted for with Obama when he first came on and that’s going to benefit me and my family,” Felicia Smith says. 

“Anybody can see, fires out west, tornadoes here, flooding– [climate change] is a problem we need to address,” Aubrey Jordan says. 

“Right now [Biden ranks] pretty high and so I’m hoping that he stays on this path because I feel like it’ll influence the others in the party,” says McKeegan Snyder, a first-time voter. 

Joe Biden heads to Cinton Community College Wednesday morning for a 10:15 a.m. event.