TuitionFit is a website that tells you how much you should expect to spend at different schools.

It’s free to use.

Students get a list of universities and tuition prices that other students with similar credentials paid this year.

“[Parents] would always ask, what’s my price going to be, what’s my actual price, and i could never tell them,” says TuitionFit co-founder Mark Salisbury, who’s been an educator for 25 years.

TuitionFit allows you to submit your GPA, test scores and financial aid, which then gives you a list of schools and prices that fit your needs.

“It’s a resource that the public gets a chance to create. then by sharing information that they all get to see,” says Salisbury.

He also says, colleges are missing out on students that could be a great match.

“The colleges are having a harder time filling their seats. which means that many are colleges are admitting students and recruiting students all the way up until August.”

The resource allows schools who have competitive packages to get in touch with students, linking students and colleges in a way that they never could before.

Already three weeks into the birth of TuitionFit on Jan. 1, it’s catching the attention of students.

“Regularly college students say, I’d love to have this available to me when I was looking at college. Because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I felt overwhelmed, and we as a family felt like we’re sort of swimming in the dark.”

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