Taking care of your car’s battery in cold weather


As we head into some of the coldest temperatures in the Quad Cities, you want to take care of your car.

The big concern is the battery.

Chet Jones at River City Tire tells Local 4 News, if you haven’t had your battery replaced in the last four years, you should get it checked.

The ideal thing is to park in a garage. But if you can’t, Jones has a cozy solution.

“You can take a blanket, lift the hood up, and lay blanket over the engine,” says Chet Jones is co-owner of River City Tire. “So it’s same effect as us to help keep that battery from not getting quite so frigidly cold.”

He adds, if your car won’t start, wait a half hour. Don’t continue to turn the key because it could damage your starter.

Don’t forget to check your tire pressure. 

“Some people dont even recognize it,” says Jones. “It may pull to direction of low tire, and you can ruin a tire by running it low.”

And, if the wipers are stuck to the windshield, don’t run the wiper to try and break it free. That could ruin the wiper’s motor.

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