Teen invited to caddie at JDC thanks to Twitter request


A teenager from Park Ridge, IL got the opportunity of a lifetime at the John Deere Classic, thanks to Twitter. 

Two-time PGA Golf Tour winner Steven Bowditch turned to Twitter Monday night looking for a local teen to be his caddie for the tournament. 

The tweet received hundreds of replies, but it was 17-year-old Elias Francque’s response that caught the golfer’s eye, especially because on Friday, he rang in his 17th birthday on the course. 

After wrapping up his last round on Friday, the teen says it’s been a blast. 

“it’s just been really fun,” said Francque.

Bowditch says this is something he’s always wanted to do.  

“I just remember back when I was a kid I did something similar and it was something that always stuck in my mind and I always wanted to do it.” 

And Francque says he was shocked when he was picked. 

“I just sent it out I didn’t think there was any chance I’d get picked,” said Francque.

But the teen may have missed the opportunity, if his dad, James Francque, hadn’t been scrolling through Twitter that day.  

“I Saw the retweet from Brandel Chamblee and told my son and he jumped all over it,” said James. “Fired off his tweet in about five minutes, and here we are.”

The Francque family came out to the tournament to see their son in action, and say they appreciate Bowditch for giving Elias the opportunity. 

The teen is a caddie for a country club near his home, and is part of his high school golf team. Bowditch said he fit right in from the start. 

“I guess all the stars aligned. You know? He said good things and knew what he was doing so yeah it just all worked out,” said Bowditch.

You might even say it was beginner’s luck when Francque tweeted back.

“That was my first tweet ever, actually,” he said.

But it was a tweet that lead to a perfect match…

“He’s a really good caddie. I didn’t have to teach him anything so yeah it was good, really easy. He keeps up and reach puts good and yeah he does good.”

…and an internet sensation.

“I’ve been seeing stuff and a lot of my friends from back home have been texting me and sending me videos of me on TV and stuff so it’s been pretty crazy,” said Francque.

And while the teen is headed back home to reality…

“I gotta go back to caddying at the country club,” said Francque.

…It’s safe to say that for Francque, this birthday feels like a hole in one. 

“Thank you to Steven for doing this, it’s been great.” 

When asked if he would ever consider doing something like this again in the future, Bowditch said he’d like to give someone else a chance down the line. 

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