Text message could lead to sex trafficking plot


Several social media posts have been sharing a text they’ve received from an unknown number with links that could  lead to a human trafficking plot.

This text message has been surfacing on the screens of young women from Texas to Washington, DC,  and even the Quad Cities.
We have learned by clicking on the links it allows a tracker to access the phones of young women.
Local 4 news sat down with Braking Traffik, a local human trafficking resource center in the Quad Cites.
They say they’ve received several calls regarding a text message but could not directly link it to a specific sex trafficking case.
Sharing that tactics like this make it harder to detect a sex trafficker.

“It’s present everywhere and a lot of the times we don’t even know if its happening because its really disguised in how its happening so there may be somebody going to school during the day but at night they’re being trafficked at night,” says Director of Survivor Services, Ashley Odom.

She says it’s important to pay attention to signs, like very personal questions.
Odom urges young men and women must especially look for these signs on dating apps as there has been a surge of traffickers there.

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