The annual Icestravaganza is coming to Davenport this Saturday


The Annual Icestravaganza is taking place this weekend in Davenport and some have already started building their ice sculptures.

The event will be held at the Freight House in Davenport. Door will open at 11 a.m., admission is free.

There will be activities for families to enjoy as well as for grown ups.

Matthew Meadows is an ice sculptor and he said every year they have different themes for the event and this year’s theme will be aliens and area 51

“You’ll see some UFO creatures in there, you’ll see creatures that came out of a Star Wars set, we’re going to do the big mountain from Close Encounters you’ll see doubles tower,” said Meadows.

There will also be an after party for guests who are 21 and over, tickets will cost $10.

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