In this week’s edition of Rock Island Arsenal: Inside the Gate, Local 4’s Emily Scarlett sat down with one of the Arsenal’s highest ranking officers. He tells us there is no Rock Island Arsenal without the Quad Cities community.

Command Sergeant Major Anthony Bryant earned this position with the Army Sustainment Command just two years ago.
He tells Local 4 News, “Our job is to make sure that the war fighter has everything they need when it comes to logistics.”
And that is thousands of soldiers all over the world.
“Whether it’s from making sure they’re getting fed, to bullets, to M-1 tanks – it’s our job to make sure that they have it in hand when it’s time to go.”
But, he says his role goes beyond the needs of the Army. 
“We try to make sure that we’re involved in whatever, if it’s a parade, or whatever. So, if people want us to be involved, please don’t hesitate. Contact our folks, the PIO, and if you want us at your event, we’ll definitely try and support,” says Command Sergeant Major Bryant.
On the other hand, they want your support, too.
Bryant tells us, “The most disappointing thing to me is that someone born and raised and live in the Quad Cities never been on this island, and it’s not that difficult. You got a landmark here in Rock Island. Seriously.”
The mission of the Army Sustainment Command is just that, to sustain the Army, but it goes both ways. The ASC along with all the other organizations on the Island are invested in the Rock Island Arsenal. That is why they’re building more than 70 new homes on the Arsenal over the next year.
It is an investment in the community the Command Sergeant Major says is necessary to sustain the Army. 
“I  thought I was only coming in for three years, but next month will be 30 years. I’m surprised, as well as probably a lot of my friends are surprised that I stayed as long as I did, but if you’re having fun, you’re having fun.”