The Importance of Stretching


Luis Leal, YMCA Personal Training Director, and Adam Hinders, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, joined us in studio to talk about the importance of stretching.

Why Stretch?

Improved flexibility can help prevent injury, reduces muscle soreness, improves range of motion.


Active / Dynamic Stretching

Warm Up – A couple minutes of activity. Increases body temperature and blood flow to the muscles. 

Keep the activity moving – do NOT hold the stretch

Find the stretching point – not the pain point

Incorporate all the muscle groups / limbs – front and back sides

Some examples:

Glute – Knee Hugs

Quads – Ankle Grab/Pull

Hamstring – Gum Scrapper

Hips – Walking Lunges – Forward/Backward/Sides  (w/ reach?)

Calves/Achillies – Wall Stretch (Knee Straight & Bent)

Shoulders – Arm Swings (Forward, Backward, Alternating?)

Post Exercise:

Static Stretching

Nice relaxing stretches – stop before it gets painful

Hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds 

BREATH – relaxing deep breaths to relax the muscle more

Incorporate all the muscle groups / limbs – front and back sides

Tips for Running in the Summer Heat: 

1. Proper hydration

2. Dew Point

3. Knowing your Limits

4. Proper Clothing Choices

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