‘There’s all kinds of blood… It’s just terrible,’ neighbor finds tortured dog in building


A Davenport man is behind bars Friday after police say he tortured his dog. 

A warning that some details of this case may be disturbing. 

Davenport Police picked up 34-year-old Colin Glubszynski around 7:00 a.m. 

Officers say witnesses heard a man yelling followed by a dog yelping. 

Richard Oechsner was one of those witnesses.

He says he heard his neighbor downstairs yelling at his dog twice overnight, but didn’t imagine what he’d wake up to find in his building the next morning. 

Oechsner says his neighbor above called him, warning him that the dog they heard yelping overnight was now lying in the hallway and bleeding from the head and throat.

“You can see out here, there’s all kinds of blood, there’s a chunk out of the head. It’s just, it’s just terrible.”

Oechsner says he had to walk his elementary-aged daughter past the scene to the bus stop and told her not to look down. 

He says the dog was in front of her owner’s door when officers showed up a few minutes later. 

Investigators say the dog’s throat had been slashed at least twice and she had a hole in her head that showed part of her skull. 

They say Glubszynski had sadistic intent. 

Police also say Glubszynski tried to go back into his apartment and resist arrest. 

His charges include torture and interfering with official acts. 

Davenport police say the dog is being treated for her injuries.

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