As the sun set over Hubbard Park hundreds of students from the Hawkeye community came together to celebrate Mollie Tibbetts’ life.

The University of Iowa Student Government and the Dance Marathon hosted the vigil Wednesday night.

So many people came they quickly ran out of candles. 

Some people didn’t had never met Mollie, and others had known the 20-year-old her whole life, like her brother Jake Tibbetts. 

During the vigil, he said his sister was just doing what she always did: bringing people together.

So Jake invited everyone to honor his sister by making a new friend.

Katie Kinzler knew Mollie for six years. She said anyone who met Mollie, even just once, would never forget her.

“Mollie was a leader,” Kinzler said. “She was the person who was the heart of everything that she did. Her passion like overflowed into the people around her.” 

It’s something Mollie’s friends said people could see just passing her on the way to class, and the people who knew who best say that’s what they want everyone to remember.

“Remember that this was the time when a country came together for one girl,” Jake said. “One girl that loved everyone. One girl that loved everything and wanted the best for everyone.”