Timothy’s House of Hope closes its doors once again


Timothy’s House of Hope in Davenport has closed its doors once again.
Local Four News received a tip that the long time outreach center of 25 years will no longer be serving the homeless.
Local Four News is also the only station to confirm the closing.
The long time back and forth battle between Timothy’s House of Hope and the city.
The battle stemmed from zoning concerns.
Founder Pastor James Swope and Pastor Nicholas Cantwell also filed a 32-page lawsuit against the city, Alderman Ray Ambrose, Alderman Maria Dickmann, and zoning official and senior planning manager Matthew Flynn in August of 2017.

One pastor who had worked at the nonprofit for five years said he won’t stop serving the community.

“I was trying to keep it open so we could make sure that everybody got a hot meal in the morning,” said Pastor Larry Thomas.

Thomas said although the organization had a long back and forth battle with the city of Davenport, he had a great relationship with the owner.

“I was there for working with Jim for probably for about 5 years off and on because I did church on the streets every Thursday night with him once a month,” Thomas said. “I would bring in food for dinner and I had a deal with Hungry Hobo that I shared with everybody off the streets,” said Thomas.

“God makes warriors and he chooses us one by one,” Thomas said. “We all have a reason here so that is my reason so I’m not stopping with this food ministry I’m going to keep on doing a ministry it’s just going to be elsewhere,” said Thomas.

Thomas said although it may be a loss for the community, he’s confident they will bounce back.

“A lot of these people that live on the street that are struggling, there’s actually a ministry among themselves,” said Thomas.
“I’m sorry that Pastor Jim and Pastor Nick Cantwell gave up on it but sometimes God closes some doors and he opens others for you,” Thomas said.

There is a sign outside of Timothy’s House of Hope confirming it is up for sale.
Thomas said he is now partnering with Cafe On Vine to start a breakfast ministry starting May 21st.

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