An EF-1 tornado with winds up to 90 mph did a lot of damage at Royal Pines Village, a mobile home park in rural Clinton, Iowa. It destroyed five of the mobile homes and damaged two dozen others, leaving many displaced.
Clinton County Emergency Management Coordinator, Chance Kness said,  “At least 72 were evacuated [Tuesday] night temporarily, many of them are back in their homes [Wednesday]. Other than the homes that are unable to be re-inhabited at this time. “
 The homeowner of the home hit the hardest, Jan Roberts says she was inside when it flipped over, “We didn’t feel it coming it wasn’t really windy. We thought we had 15 minutes” 
She and her 18-year-old son lost everything in the tornado– their home of twelve years, their belongings, and their two cats. 
Despite the losses, Roberts says she feels lucky to be alive, “It just came out of no where, just we just rolled with it. My son saved my life. I was trapped between the walls. He flew out a window and he found me and grabbed me.”
She wasn’t the only lucky one, only minor injuries were reported from the tornado.
Resident Brenda Lebck said, “I’m surprised there aren’t more people hurt than what was, but I’m glad they’re not. It’s just devastating for everybody out here.” 
Resident, Norma  Voehee,  is hopeful her community will get through it, “We’ll rebuild, we will. It might take all summer but we’ll get back.”