Traffic shifting on 60th Street near John Deere Road

John Deere Road at 60th Street on May 6, 2017

Roadway improvements have been completed on the west side of 60th Street south of John Deere Road. Traffic will be moved to the new concrete pavement in order to allow for the east side of 60th Street to be rebuilt.

Traffic will be shifted in two stages to accommodate sections of pavement that need to be rebuilt in the middle of the John Deere Road and 60th Street intersection.

Southbound traffic on 60th Street will be moved onto the new concrete pavement on Thursday. An asphalt ramp will be installed from John Deere Road to 60th Street to allow for the elevation change from the existing John Deere Road to the new 60th Street pavement.

Small sections of 60th Street will need to be rebuilt in the middle of the intersection, which will take approximately five days. When complete, the northbound traffic will move to the new 60th Street pavement on June 27, if all goes as planned.

The new configuration on 60th Street will have one lane southbound and one lane northbound, but there now will be a dedicated left turn lane northbound at John Deere Road. This should help with heavier traffic from the Green Valley Sports Complex during tournaments. There also will be a dedicated left turn lane southbound at 44th Avenue. 

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