Two charged with manufacturing meth after traffic stop


Two people are charged with making methamphetamine after being pulled over for a traffic stop.

Police pulled over Shaylynn Blessington and David Ahrens Jr. on U.S. 61 in Davenport Wednesday night. 

Officers found materials used to make methamphetamine in the car. That led police to search the tent where the two had been staying in Buffalo, Iowa.

Blessington and Ahrens are both facing several felony charges.

Residents of Buffalo say it’s not unusual for tents to start popping up along the river on nice weekends, but some say they were suspicious when one tent stuck around. 

One woman says she never would have guessed what police found inside: offee filters, sodium hydroxide and Coleman camp fuel — three key items used to make shake and bake meth.

“It’s just shocking it really is,” said Natalie Bendixen, who works in Buffalo. “You always assume it’s going to be in the bigger cities and so forth … It’s a problem in small communities now and large communities.”

An employee at a nearby gas station says she had seen Blessington and Ahrens crossing the street and walking toward the tent for several weeks. 

“You wouldn’t expect it to be here … You got little kids walking around and the park is just down the street. The school’s right up the hill,” Bendixen said.

Blessington was released from the Scott County Jail Thursday morning. Ahrens is still in custody on a $10,000 bond.

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