Two hockey teams dueling it out for a great cause


Before the Storm Game Saturday night, the Tax Slayer Center hosted two hockey teams that played for the same cause.
This hockey match holds a special meaning. Especially for the families of Eric Hosette who lost his life in the line of duty and Adam Cain who is suffering from injuries he got while on the job.

“It is truly an honor and a privilege to do it for them,” says event organizer Chris Elliott. 

More than 15 fire fighters from different fire departments make up the QC Fire team. Organizer of the benefit and team member Chris Elliott says it was only right to make this event about the first responders.”Their our brothers and families of our brothers and that’s what this profession is all about.”

About 500 people came out to today’s game sporting red in support of the fire fighters.
Many of them having a close tie to the brave hereos.

” I served with eric when he was at charlotte before i retired and know the cain family very well as well,” says retired Charlotte fire fighter Marty Jahn. 

Organizers say that the benefit game garnerd over six thousand dollars before the game started. “It just shows you that the people out there care. The fire fighter families care for one another as well as the communities,” says Jahn.

On the ice the sacrifice their brothers made pushed the players to work a little harder. “High, high energy level, those guys make us skate a little bit faster and little bit quicker.”

Win or lose, the biggest trophy is the support both the Cain and Hosette families will get at the end of the games.

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